Deepening Design Supervisor

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Job description:
1. Combining with the actual situation of the construction site, the drawings are refined, supplemented and perfected.
2. To meet the technical requirements of the owners or design consultants, to meet the design and construction specifications of the relevant regions, and through examination, the graphics can be integrated to directly guide the site construction;
3. Questioning the drawings in the pre-tender process of the project and having unique insights;
4. The effect, time limit and cost control of the project;
5. Check the accuracy and completeness of the scheme design.
6. Check the design data of buildings, structures and electromechanical systems to ensure that the interior design review conforms to relevant laws and regulations.
7. Integrate the information of all professional consultants and manufacturers, and verify all products and equipment related to interior design.
8. Deepen the production of interior design drawings to ensure the practicability of process practices.
Job requirements:
1. Graduation of Interior Design or Environmental Art;
2. Deepening design experience in construction drawings of large companies for more than 5 years, with professional design accomplishment;
3. Be able to fully understand and give full play to the design intentions, familiar with the construction technology;
4. Skilled in AutoCAD and other related software, can lead the team to complete the construction drawings of large and medium-sized projects independently, have the ability to deepen the program and node design, and independently solve the problems of design and construction convergence;
5. Good communication and expression skills, initiative, enthusiasm, responsibility and work pressure;
6. Have a strong sense of teamwork and a good working attitude. Wish to make great progress in this industry, down-to-earth and diligent.